Welcome! You've found the right place. This is for you...

If you're a sensitive, heart-centered soul who...

* Works HARD to meet everyone's needs (...rarely your own!)

* Wants to experience more fulfilling relationships

* Sometimes feels guilty, anxious or overwhelmed... and would rather feel inner peace, empowered and purposeful

* Needs life to stop going round in circles, repeating the cycles that keep you sick and tired, even stuck

* Does all the right things, and yet, still gets that feeling 'it's not good enough'

Then... it’s okay! You're in the right place, and we’ve got you covered!


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You've probably arrived here, like many others, because you've been hurt by those who were supposed to care. Even if you hardly remember, it's left you wanting to know what's missing,

...and how to fix it.

That's my specialty!

It's my passion to empower you to connect internally in such a powerful way that you become calm, centered and confidently committed to yourself.  Being hard on yourself says, "There's something wrong with me,"  or "I don't matter," and like any painful thought or feeling, we naturally avoid dealing with it. Instead, I can show you how to release it, so you experience more empowering thoughts!

I show sensitive, 'heart-centered, 'Recovering People-Pleasers' ... the path to find greater Inner Peace, Power and Purpose. 

One of the first steps is finding the courage to get started, and that's why I created a special (free) GIFT for you to: 
  • Understand What Keeps You Stuck
  • Clarify the Troubling Thoughts (Hint: Most of them are not your own!)
  • Explore Exactly Who and What You Are Willing to BE & DO
  • Reveal What You Have to Lose, and What There is to GAIN (Hint: Like Feeling GOOD on Purpose!)
  • Get Support to Lock It All In
 ... because this is not a dress rehearsal and life has no “do-overs”. 

There's no use climbing a ladder, unless it's pointed at the right wall.  ~L.LaPointe






I had come to a cross roads in my life's journey. I was confused and feeling like I needed some direction. I had no idea where to start and how I should reach out. Then Lorraine stood out from the many therapist profiles that I had read. She spoke of what she could do for her clients and she has done that and much more! Not only does she listen, she makes it very comfortable to speak about very difficult feelings and emotions that I’ve suppressed for a very long time. I would highly recommend her. ~VL - Trenton

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