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A Stanford Researched & Fully Scientifically Proven Program

Your Mission - should you choose to accept it - is to identify and dial down the combination of inner critics (aka Saboteurs) currently causing challenges. In 2-5 minutes, a few times a day, gain Mindset Fitness as you tune-up your mental and emotional wellness, clear the inner fog, and begin to shed guilt, blame and shame.
Over 6 weeks, strengthen Inner Self-Command and empower yourself to live and grow like you matter. Increase your confidence and the capacity to receive, as you build stronger, more meaningful relationships, and free yourself to do more of what lights you up in a life you Love.

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What is Mindset Wellness?

1. Increase your capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive, rather than a negative perspective.

2. Fully researched and scientifically validated to measure progress in...

  • Performance - go within and activate the power you never knew existed
  • Achievement - function at your highest potential
  • Freedom - anywhere, anytime strengthen Self-Command as you tame & transform negative, toxic self-talk
  • Fulfillment - experience a radical shift to gain self-trust, feel creative, resourceful and whole

3. Apply the Positive Intelligence® Framework (aka PQ-Model)

Give yourself  6 weeks to explore mindset wellness - and an optional 6 weeks to extend and integrate your new habits - uplift your mood, lower your stress and deepen your connections to get tangible, fast, doable, desired results that improve your bottom line.

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Why Me?   Well, it's really about YOU, however, here's what one articles says...

Quinte West News Article (Feb 2021) -- No doubt, life can be really tough at times! Lately, there's been no shortage of stress, uncertainty and frustration to test your patience. However, you may have noticed that even these days, some people seem to thrive. Do you ever wonder how? What you could be missing?
Our own Quinte West resident, W4WN Radio/Talk4TV Host & Coach-Therapist Lorraine LaPointe, has a unique system for building your daily mental and emotional wellness - strengthening your mind's self command.
Are you curious to know EXACTLY what steps are needed to stay calm, clear and confidently peaceful? Would you like life to be free of blame, bitterness or drama, so you can feel more satisfied and thrive  ...even in these challenging and unusual times?
Lorraine's company, Head Heart Synergy, teaches Mindset Wellness Fundamentals and makes available a brief online quiz to identify the #1 focus that may improve your Life Satisfaction score. 
If you think you already know what you're missing, book your Clarity Conversation with her, so you can empower yourself with 'PQ-Reps' - the anywhere-anytime tools that lead to better performance and achievement, more freedom and fulfillment!

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