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This FREE gathering is designed to explore what's happening for you, so we:
  1. Connect in a small, private, caring community
  2. Share stories and know we're not alone
  3. Explore powerful tools to clarify thinking and dial-down negative inner self-talk


Come home to yourself, so you feel stronger, more purposeful

and motivated to mindfully move forward.

Because You Matter.


*** Kindness makes a BIG difference! ***

Host: Lorraine LaPointe - Mindset Wellness Coach & Hypnotherapist (Former-Educational Leader & Teacher) 

FREE Emotional Support Gathering

Wed Oct 27th (2021) 6:30 pm ET

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My thoughts and emotions were more scrambled than scrambled eggs. I felt guilty for the part I played in all of my fixing & over-giving. My obsession with the narcissistic-Ex left me feeling unworthy and a sham in front of my friends.

Somedays, it feels like I'm a walking, talking empty shell, faking a pretense of normality, as I start to put my life together. But Little by Little I just keep moving on the right path, now knowing life gets better. Thank you for being there and walking with me.

Today I know that my feelings are normal and there's light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to heal, but didn’t really know how to look inside. Maybe I was too afraid of what I’d find…
I realized I had been living with a fear that caused a big empty hole inside me.
Now I know that investing in myself is well-worth the effort. I've just got to keep going in the right direction, and with Lorraine's guidance... I have A ROADMAP!   ~Susan